Buggie Bunkers & Heart in Hand Rat Sanctuary


** Unfortunately I am not able to take any orders or rescues at this time.. I will, however, help you if you have an emergency. Please email me at christyanderson1970@gmail.com. I will update the site when things change. 

This is Junebug (Buggie)... she started it all!




Let me know if you adopted from POCKET ANGELS and I will donate 30% of your total to their rescue.

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This issue is very important to me and I believe some people simply are not aware of the situation. DO NOT BUY RATS FROM PET STORES.

These poor animals are bred over and over until they die or are sold for snake food. Most of the time they are forced to live in shoebox size containers. Babies having babies!  I can go on but it will break your heart. Just do your research. If you think you are saving ONE, you are only giving rat mills your money and allowing them to breed more to take the place of that one. Buggie was a Petsmart rat. After finding out the truth behind the places these pet stores buy their rats, I made her a promise... that I will NEVER again give money to these rat mills.


Don't Buy While Homeless Pets Die

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  If you have an emergency situation and need to surrender a pet rat, you can contact  heartinhandratsanctuary@gmail.com